Christmas in a Cup!

Having hot chocolate during the holidays is one of my favorite things to do. As soon as there is a breeze in the air it feels like hot chocolate time. As the fall gets closer and closer to Thanksgiving Ifind myself wanting something a little extra in there!  The little something extra turns my hot chocolate into what I so lovingly call, “Christmas in a cup!”.

Even the name gets me warm and excited!  My husband and I were married in December and the first thing I mentioned to our caterer was this special recipe.  I couldn’t imagine a post Christmas wedding without Christmas in a cup. 

Really it is pretty simple but the joy and deliciousness that accompany it are beyond compare! I am always looking for Christmas recipes for kids and this one is just perfect for them in every way. Simple, familiar and delicious!  The first step to making this lovely hot drink is to get your favorite hot chocolate mix or recipe.  I am not a hot chocolate snob, I feel I am pretty simple and often the fancier things get the less I like them, thats just how I roll. So since I grew up with it and it hasn’t disappointed me yet I vote Swiss Mix (with marshmallows of course!)  

Next you have to buy your ideal ice cream addition!  That is right- opposites attract, isn’t that what they always say? So hot and cold make perfect sense!  Now this part is really a personal preference but my suggestion is- try them all!! Most often, and for the last few years I have used peppermint stick ice cream. I love the chunks and that peppermint taste is just pure perfection.  Occasionally I have tried just plain peppermint ice cream and it is fabulous too.  Sometimes I like the candy cane pieces and sometimes I just want it smooth and creamy.  

I know that people always add different flavors to their hot chocolate. I am not a big fan of these.  It always seems to come off too strong in my mind. The creamy gentle mix of the ice cream and flavoring is just perfect in my eyes.  Eyes cream is where its at.


Now I mentioned above what my tradition has been but this year I tried something a little different.  Cue Trader Joes (love it!) I was cruising by the frozen deliciousness and my eyes caught a glimpse of Candy Cane Joe Joes Ice cream and I said to myself, YES PLEASE.  So I brought it home and we all gave it a try. It was AWESOME!  I wasn’t sure I would like the little cookie chunks mixed in with that peppermint taste but it was fabulous!

So now it is your turn.  Make your own little Christmas in a cup and share it with those you love. I’m pretty confident there will be smiles and giggling, at least that is what it looks like at our house!  And I love it oh so much!!

Christmas in a Cup
Your favorite Hot Chocolate
The best peppermint ice cream you can find

Make the Hot Chocolate according to instructions or just how you always make it, but maybe a little bit hotter. Once it is ready add in a scoop of the peppermint ice cream. Then smile as you enjoy my most favorite holiday treat!


And as they say in The Polar Express movie, "Here we only got one rule, Never ever let it cool!"